1,000 Words worth 2017-13

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I took this photo in my commute to my new job at Adello Biologics.  Dismal weather made me feel a bit melancholy as a travel by the Metra into Chicago.  The conversation is a blend of two cell phone calls on the Green Line; the second leg of my commute. This is exactly why I don’t mind a bit when people talk on their phones in public. Stories are everywhere.

“This f**king train’s goin’ nowhere fast.”

“I just called to say have a good day at school. Can I talk to the kids?”

“This conductor must be 100 years old. I mean he’s f**king slow.”

“I wish I was home by now.”

“Hey fish face.”

“You be home before me. I should be at 45th now and I’m at f**king McCormick.”

“Why you in a grumpy mood.”

“My ninth nerve is jumping. I should be home havin’ breakfast.”

“I love you.”

“You be home before me this time.”

“Why you still on the line?”


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