1,000 Words Worth: 2017-17

Each Friday, [tweetthis]I post a photo and a bit of flash fiction. I keep the words brief because, you know, “a picture is worth a 1,000….” [/tweetthis] To find out more click here.

Dane is a street artist.  He calls himself an Anthropological Artists. Sure his art isn't getting much attention yet, but wait until they see this masterpiece.  He works from 1:00 a.m. until just before rush hour to finish it.

Dane slips on his tie and sports jacket, clicks his brush case into the briefcase he borrowed from Jack, pushes the record button, and situates his cell phone in his breast pocket in just the way he practiced.

For sure Chicago commuters will take notice of his meticulous re-creation of paint chips, rust and mildew.  It looks so realistic. And the Fresh Paint sign tacked on? Well, that's a stroke of pure genius. So ironic.  "Distressed Commute" he calls it.

Dane tries not to smile as he imagines Chicago commuters' delight.  This will be as much fun as a flash-mob. Ironic street art. The next big thing.

(I saw these “Wet Paint ” signs all over the “L” platform this week, with no signs of paint anywhere.  I began to wonder, what if….)