1,000 Words Worth,  “A Christmas Carol”

Saturday Loved-One and I took the grandkids for our 16th annual Christmas outing.  A lot has changed during that time.  We went from one to 12 grandkids.  We added daughters and sons, and lost a few through divorce.  I know there will be changes in the future.  For today, I’ll celebrate our abundance.

Mr. B was there from the beginning. An attentive 2-year-old at the Nutcracker. Now he’s almost grown.


I wonder if I’ll always refer to them as the Three Little Girls. They are such good buddies.


Their parents refer to them as “the Knuckleheads.” I remember feeling the same when the parents were this age.


Two missing: Miss A, who’s off being an adult, and Miss E who regrettably had to work. We missed you both.


The Merry Christas season is now officially underway.