Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock #5

Oh my, the day sped by today.  I’m busy cooking a roast with rice for supper as I begin this post.  Usually, I’m begin right after my Monday morning phone call to Mom.  Of course, she’s one of the blessings that I count every single day, not just on Monday.  How lucky I am to have such a wise a wonderful woman in my life.  And I grew up with her as my guide.  And guess what?  She likes me, too.

Here are a few more things, in no particular order, for which I give thanks and gratitude:

  • The first snow of the year.  We had about 4 inches.  Perhaps the ground had a bit of a dusting in November, but not enough for me to remember.  This one was a heavy beautiful snow.
  • A warm fireplace after the shoveling.
  • A strong heart and a Loved-One to share in the wintry wonderland.
  • A successful spa book-signing and fundraiser for the local Food Pantry.  Thank you Salon Cora for hosting!
  • A 90-year-old uncle who is now a newly-wed.  Such a testament to life and happiness.  I am so happy for you Uncle Glenn.
  • A new job answering phones and being a helping hand.  Yes, that’s why I’m posting while preparing a meal.  I feel like a mommy blogger.
  • Hand made wrapping paper.
  • A beautiful sermon delivered this weekend.  The emphasis:  rely on facts, not rumor; don’t spread untruths and fear.
  • Warm socks.
  • A new “Secret Santa” friend.  I hope she likes the gift I sent her today.  She’s in California.
  • Knitting looms for hat-making.  I’m whizzing through my DIY gift-making.

I do have a political post stewing in my brain.  Yes, I’m still unsettled. For sure, Pastors sermon did little to make me feel differently.  Plus, a follow-up conversation added to my resolve not to “go quietly into the night.” (I bet a butchered that quote.  Still, I’m sure you get the picture.)

Are you counting you blessing this week?  Please tell me what’s on your gratitude list?  Your words always remind me of the blessings we share.