Stop the Grandma Bashing

Here’s the ad that got me started:

It’s not the only one out there.  [tweetthis]Christmas ads this year seem rife with granny-bashing ads.[/tweetthis]

What the heck?  First off, why is poor Grandpa excluded?  Isn’t it his house, too.  Or is he secretly tech-savvy, but Grandma forced his hep-ness into the closet?

This ad is so 20th century. I know Great-grandmas who are can Tweet, Facebook, manage on-demand, Roku, Hulu, stream Amazon movies, and pause it all to make chocolate chip cookies. The read books on their Kindles and Nooks, and even (gasp) SnapChat.  My 87 year-old Mom is one of them.

My Aunt Barbara, who is now profoundly deaf, takes her iPad wherever she goes, so she can communicate with Millennials, Boomers, X-ers, and some of her Greatest Generation friends.  Where she goes better have WiFi, ’cause Auntie knows how to use it.

Okay, now that we’ve established that, how about giving Grandma (and Grandpa) some good old 20th Century face time this Christmas. No, not FaceTime, real face-to-face conversations.  You just might enjoy that trip down memory lane.

Here’s a picture of two grandmas and a great, out on the town, taking a selfie.  Yes, we know how to do that, too.

So stop the Grandma bashing or I’m gonna start a Tweet-storm. And I’ve go a whole lot sister grannies with clout and media influence.

mom's visit - 2