1,000 Words-worth: Red Sky at Night

For those of you who missed my post on my other blog, Once A Little Girl, here’s the link, “Past Post-election Scars.” Some people say my words are helpful as we move toward January.

I got a new photo app called SnapSeed. No, not SnapChat.  I do have an account, but have yet to fully embrace it.

SnapSeed lets me apply filters, effects and words.

I’m still working on the words part.  I almost look like a pro.  Don’t you think? This is a beautiful evening sky, where the road comes to a T. [tweetthis] Turn left or right from here to continue the adventure.[/tweetthis]


I hopped over to “Pierced Wonderings” for a look at what the real pros are up to.  OMGoodness.  Jen has some beautiful black and whites of the full (super) moon.  It looks like there are tiny lights from tiny homes up there.  Or is that just my imagination?  You tell me.Just click on the pink box and take a peek.


Pierced Wonderings