Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock #2

Yes, I’ve been down in the dumps about the Presidential election outcome.  And don’t forget Leonard Cohen’s death.  Oh my! It seems so long ago that the Cubs won the World Series.

Never before have I cried after an election.  Not so much that Trump is our President Elect, although, make no mistake, that does make me unhappy.  I am sad that a hard-working candidate, who dedicated her life to my country failed.

I am saddest that the maps show that our country is divided, in thought, and perhaps in deed, between what the rural communities want from national government, and what the urban communities think we need.

I [tweetthis]feel a great divide. I do not feel hopeless and I do not feel angry.[/tweetthis]  The after math of the election should teach both sides to listen.  Really listen.  I am thankful for the media statistics that point this out in great clarity.

Here are a few other things that give me reasons for gratitude:

  • safety-pin-1The Safety Pin Movement: a way to silently convey support for marginalized groups who may feel unsafe. Simply don a safety pin to show that they are offering a “safe” place.
  • A kindle giveaway winner.  @dreamaccomplished won the tweet for A BOOK OF PEARL a gentle story of love and home. Happy reading.
  • The One Million Woman March and a good friend who invited me to go along with her and someone who wants to go with me.
  • Scrivener software for writing my next novel.  my friend Dina told me about it.  If you are interested in becoming more efficient, I invite you to visit Dina.  She’s a whiz at outsourcing and gaining time for what you love to do most.
  • A successful first library book discussion and signing.
  • SWARM THEORY by Christine Rice.  Love, love, love this book set in the fictional town of New Canaan, Michigan.  I know it’s fiction, and at the same time, the story seems like it could take place in the town where I grew up. Such beautiful descriptions of the way people look and move and think.  No wonder it’s on the short list for CWA’s 2016 Book Awards.  Gook luck, Christine!

  • A sold out showing of “The Carrion Vine” at the local theatre.  Erane Elizabeth Scully is an 89 year-old memoirist who survived a Russian internment camp during World War II.  She has a book by the same name.  A delightfully inspiring woman, and now a good friend.
  • SNL’s opening gave tribute to Hillary and Leonard.  I am thankful that my sadness resonates with others.

What’s on your gratitude list this week?  Your thankfulness helps me remember mine.