2022 RAK Week #9

holding hands Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com

My family began practicing Random Acts of Kindness way back when my kids were teens. Now they have teens. This year, I decided to make RAKs my focus. With a twist.

CoCo received a beautiful Act of Kindness this year. The train conductor on her short commute surprised her with a generous Christmas Gift. She smiled for weeks with wonderment and told everyone she knew about the conductor’s kindness. However, I initially responded with suspicion. After a bit of reflection, I remembered an observation I got from a friend.

You are a much better giver than a receiver. It takes some humbleness to receive without the intention of paying back.

My dear friend, Nancy S (circa, 1980)

So with that in mind, I am devoting 2022 to recognizing kindness given. I admit it; I feel vulnerable. I do feel reluctant to share. On the other hand, I like taking the time to recognize kindnesses of all sorts that come my way.

This week I had a birthday, so I got bathed in kindness. I feel a little foolish and self-centered mentioning all the kindnesses, but I’ll share a few.

Beethoven’s 9th Symphony

Wrestler #2 and family treated Loved-One and me to Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s performance of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. That by itself was a beautiful act of kindness. Still, when the conductor dedicated the Movement IV to Ukraine, I wiped away a tear. “Without peace there is no joy,” he told the audience.

This YouTube video is from a a few years ago. Still, watching it now puts new emphasis on the travesty the people suffer now.

Breakfast anyone?

My favorite time of the day. Wrestler #1 asked me to join him at my favorite place, Carlos Pancake House. Surprise! There’s Miss E, Miss S, and Mr. N, plus a friend of Miss S. All there to wish me a happy birthday. And an invitation to join them for family game night. Oh what a birthday surprise!

My favorite French Toast

Dinner delivered.

It was supposed to be dinner at CeCe’s. And then Influenza A hit the household. So, Miss K delivered dinner and everyone sang Happy Birthday via Facetime. What a delicious, from scratch, chocolate cake.

CoCo felt a little under the weather, so Miss K delivered dinner to her, too.

Several years ago, Wall Street Jounal published an article about the long term investment of a large family. The return on investment is better than you might think. I’m sure reaping the benefits.

I ate the cake before I took a picture. This one looks a lot like the one CeCe made for me.

Pie anyone?

In honor of my day, Book Club members ate a piece of Wildberry Pie while zooming. Loved-One made sure I got my piece of the pie.. And, I got several birthday hugs, including one from our pastor. I did see Love-One whispering in pastor’s ear. Perhaps I’ll count that as a double kindness.

I received all sorts of other kindnesses this week. Sharing more would put be over the edge of feeling humble and onto the pillow of down-right bragging, so I’ll leave it there.

The official Random Act of Kindness Day is February 17. Visit the Website here. “The work to create a kinder world never ends. There is no limit on the amount of goodness we can put into the world..”

Use the hashtags #MakeKindnessTheNorm #RAKday #RandomActsofKindnessDay. Most importantly, “In a world where you can be anything…Be kind.” (And be willing to receive the kindness offered.)

I’ll be watching through my rose-colored glasses for opportunities to give a RAK. And I’ll have my antennae up ready to recognize when I get a RAK or see one.