COVID-19: The State of the State of the Union

I know I promised you more details about the progress of the Democratic Party Platform. This isn’t that. I’ll get back to that soon. It’s not a critique on President Biden’s speech either, or the dress that Jill Biden wore, or the guests he introduced.

Did all that unmasked close-talking make you uncomfortable?

It did me. Maybe it’s because the area I’m living in is taking it slow. Maybe it’s because after two years masks and space between people seem normal. Maybe it’s because Mr. Biden compared the rates now to those of July 2021. That’s right before we had a Delta surge.

Then I remind myself where we were and where we are now.

The reason for all our precaution was to “flatten the curve” until we had vaccines and/or viable treatments.

So where are we now?

  • Testing is widely available at little or no cost to everyone;
  • Contact tracing is possible;
  • We have effective vaccines available to everyone more than 5 years old. 81% of Americans have a least one dose of a vaccine.
  • We have effective treatments.

With that in mind, the CDC updated recommendations so we can respond locally.

Like back in July 2021, people at risk and those who remain unvaccinated should continue to wear masks inside. My county is in the “Green” which means my risk is low. I should:

Check out your county using this handy widget:

I checked out a few random county to see what the different precautions might be.

If you live in Buchanan County, Missouri, your community level is High. Yous should:

If you live in Hillsdale County, Michigan, community level is Medium.

Notice that whether you’re in a high, low, or medium risk setting keeping up to date with vaccinations is a key factor?

Above all else, remember we’re still in this together. So, respect those people that aren’t quite ready to take the maskless leap.

They might be at risk for a whole lot of reason. Or, they might be like me, still a bit cautious. Afterall, last July was when I got sick. Really sick.

I like how a local leader tried to ease us back to normal: Remember we want to help each other. Those of you who feel comfortable taking your mask off, please feel free. I urge you to look around and respect those who continue to wear masks. They may be protecting themselves or someone they love.

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