50-Word Wednesday: Legacy

I love this challenge. It may seem easy. Fifty words of fiction that tells a story. Exactly 50 words is super-flash fiction: no more, no less. It’s not easy at all. Thank you Boy with a Hat for suggesting this oh, so long ago. You don’t know it, but I love you. Today, I’m rising to meet the WordPress Challenge.

Daily writing prompt
What is the legacy you want to leave behind?
Doris never thought much about legacy before Mark’s focus seemed to be nothing but that.

“I won’t mean anything to this world unless I make it happen,” Mark fretted.

“One person gets remembered for two generations. Tops,” mused Doris. “After that, we turn into myths.”

“Well, that’s disheartening.”

“Or fortunate?”

That was so much fun. I hope you liked this little glimpse into my fictional couple’s divergent attitude toward life. Do you know a couple who seem like the nourish each other with their yin-yanginess?

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