The Fourth Quarter: Persistent Resistance or Fluidity?

I hope you missed me. I gave myself a little break from blogging.

  1. I must persist: I decided if I’m ever going to finish my third book, I must get through the editing stage.
  2. I’m met with resistance from my disabled daughter who’s keeping me under what I lovingly call “house arrest.” She had very minor surgery (I had it myself, I know how minor it is.) But she’s would rather have me help with her self-care. And I’d rather help than nag.
  3. I had a few minor physical issues that required some self-care of my own.
  4. I decided to take some time without purpose or persistence; float through the day, meandering from one thing to the next. After many years of blogging, I figured it’s time to step back and let inspiration come to me.
  5. It’s baseball season! And who doesn’t like to be away from the keyboard and outside?

I missed you!

I did enjoy floating around learning new things and discovering new people. I’ve been reading my favorite bloggers. I got acquainted with substack. (Wow! Some provocative long-form writing over there.) I’ve been TikToking with my grandchildren. (It’s fun, and very fluid. Find me at “AuthorAdela.” Together, my family and I installed a new floor. (Ooph! Not so difficult. Still, I woke up with a cramp in my hand so intense, I think I know what tetany feels like.)

I can credit Carol Cassara for getting me back on the blogging “horse.”

She wrote a wonderful blog post: NOTHING LESS USEFUL THAN WILLFUL RESISTANCE TO THE REALITIES OF AGING. So hop on over there and see what she has to say. You won’t be sorry. I promise. I love when virtual friends inspire me and they don’t even know it!

By the way: I planned to use this post to riff on what Carol had to say. Instead, I let my thoughts float around, focusing in and out of one word, resistance, and sharing my wanderings with you I’m enjoying the shallow end of the pool. Maybe tomorrow, or the next day, I’ll be ready for something deeper.

person feet dipping on pool
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Now… Back to editing my next novel. I’m such a slowpoke author! Yet, I persist.