Wednesday 50-word Story: Museum

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I love this challenge. It may seem easy. Fifty words of fiction that tells a story. Exactly 50 words is super-flash fiction: no more, no less. It’s not easy at all. Thank you Boy with a Hat for suggesting this oh, so long ago. You don’t know it, but I love you. Today I’m following a prompt from the RagTag Daily Prompt.


Ragtag daily Prompt

Where were you?” Grandpa’s grip matched the knot in his brow.

“Looking.” Emily gestured toward the exhibits.

“We’ve gone through three floors already. Mostly looking for you.”

“Surgical procedures, blood vessels, eyes in jars.”

“It’s time to go.”

“Can we come back?” Emily quavered.

Grandpa shrugged. “You’re already a scientist.”

This was a bit autobiographical. When I was a little girl, Grandpa took me to Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. It captivated me. I wandered away from the rest of the group. I knew I was lost. But, the exhibits were just too darned interesting. Every time I tried to look for Grandpa, another exhibit captured my attention.

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