Hat-tip Monday: Week #9

a man balancing a flyer with his hand Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

About 10 years ago, I read about a young man who wrote and sent a thank-you note every day for a year. He started because he lost his job, felt depressed, and wanted to remind himself that he had a lot to be thankful for. He soon learned that he got more out of saying thank you than simply counting his blessings.

In 2023, I’m taking a slightly different approach. I’m planning to publicly thank people who have had a positive impact on my life in ways they probably didn’t plan, and most likely did so without even realizing it.

Today’s post is just a little something that happened yesterday. Christa probably thinks nothing of it. Or maybe she knows me better than I realize.

Sometimes a little compliment is a big deal.

I’m a little self-conscious about my appearance. It’s probably because I grew up with five sisters who always seemed a little more adept at hair and makeup and maybe just plain old body awareness.

I resisted wearing a bra. I cried when I got my first makeup for my twelfth birthday present. I really, really wanted a microscope. Okay, that was waaaay to expensive. But maybe a book about microscopic things. But make-up? What was I going to do with that.

Sometime in my twenties, I realized I better get a carefree hairstyle, and I needed makeup that never needed touching up. And for sure, I needed no-fuss clothes. Cuz once I went out the door, I probably wasn’t going to think about how I looked until I saw myself in the mirror brushing my teeth before crawling into bed.

At the same time, I do care about how I look. My mind gets busy with other things.

When Christa gave me a specific compliment she made my day.

She didn’t just say that she liked my hair. She said, she really liked my hair. The color is perfect, and the cut frames my face in a most flattering way.

Oh my! Really? I had to believe her because she had specific details. Not just a general, “you look nice, today.” (I never quite trust that qualifier, ‘today.’ Does that me I look horrible on other days and today is unusual?)

Anyway, Christa filled me with confidence.

Everybody needs cheerleaders.

Come to think of it, Christa often fills me with confidence.

When we talk, she almost always tells me she enjoys talking to me. How many people think to say something like that?

I don’t know if Christa even realizes that I have this insecurity about how I look. I don’t think we’ve ever discussed it. Still,

When I visit with Christa, I often see myself in new, positive ways.

Thank you Christa for filling my day with sunshine.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make life sweet.

Do you have a friend that fills you with confidence by cheerleading who you are? Please feel free to share.