April: National Poetry Month

Did you miss me?  Duckie’s suffering from chronic osteomyelitis.  Well, let me back up.  It’s been stewing for 20 years or so; she’s suffered for at least 18 months, then a sudden bloom alerted doctors to the situation.  Now she’s on the mend.  We’ve had a hectic few weeks.  More on that on another day.

April is National Poetry Month and WordPress threw down the gauntlet challenging us to write a poem every day of April.  This morning, I decided to take the challenge. (I hope it’s not a WordPress April Fools joke.)

And I WILL finish my novel in the next three weeks.  Almost, almost there; would have been if not for the Doctors, Nurses, Physical Therapists, and Physician’s Assistance.  Oh My.

I do believe, my first poem is bubbling:



Winter’s cold retreat leaves

Aches from the marrow of my bones.

Days grow longer, while clouds linger.

 Energy ebbs and flows to the rhythm of the sun.

Springtime flowers push their noses skyward;

Healing my soul with the promise of summer warmth.