Photo Friday: Ear Ye, Ear Ye

Ears are interesting to look at.  No two are alike.

Ears are as unique as fingerprints:  Some are complicated, some are plain, Some genetically linked, some strangers; Some adorned, some plain, Some young and Some old.  One ear is loved so much by its owner, that she insisted I include it in this montage. Only two ears are left and right, from the same person.  Can you guess which two?


IMG_2332 DSC04768 DSC04769 DSC04770 DSC04771 DSC04772 DSC04773 IMG_2926 IMG_2929 IMG_2961 IMG_2964 IMG_2300 IMG_2302 IMG_2303 IMG_2304

 Everybody within earshot is happy to be photographed.

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