Photo Friday: Be Quilting

Grandma B pieced quilts when she was a little girl.  That’s what little girls did way back when, according to her.  In the summer, she sat with friends on a blanket in the yard and pieced together quilts.

Bradaigh's quilt 2 5

Grandma B never learned to quilt.  Her mother did the quilting.Bradaigh's quilt 2 4

I made a quilt for Mom and Dad back when my little ones were, um, little.  My sons sat with me, needles in hand, sewing with unknotted thread.  They “sewed” as long as their attentions allowed.  Mom and Dad both cried tears of joy when they received our labor of love.  Alas, I have only the pictures in my memory of that quilt.

My mother makes beautiful quilts.  Here’s a picture of one of her first, gifted to me long ago.  It is a little love-worn.

Bradaigh's quilt 2 3

Here’s the one I received from Mom just this last birthday.  Wow!  The red window-squares really make the colors pop.

Bradaigh's quilt 2 1

Isn’t this gold threaded, machine quilting just beautiful?

Bradaigh's quilt 2 2

I picked up the Christmas pajama making baton from Mom several years ago.  Perhaps I will do the same with quilting.  Here’s my first quilt made from pajama remnants.  Each fabric is a from a different Christmas. It’s for my first grandson who graduated from Junior High this week.


My second grandchild is already hoping she will get a quilt for her graduation next year.

Bradaigh's quilt

By the way, the instruction book Mom recommended, and she uses, says I can make this quilt in a day.  Maybe.  If I work 24 hours, and don’t eat, pee, or need to move more than one step to cut, sew, and press.  In other word, NO-WAY!  It took me about a month; with lots and lots of other things interrupting my quilting progress.

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