Fifty Day: Tory

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I started a challenge to write a story that is exactly 50 words! Thank you, Boy with a Hat. Not that he set up a formal challenge, but it was his idea. And his writing is worth checking out. So please click the link and find out what he’s up to.

So how to proceed? For the most part, I’m using my character inspiration, Dorothy Astoria’s The Name Book. I opened the pages looking for a name that resonated with maleness. Tory grabbed me, and Tory is the name of my neice’s husband. His image evaporated as I started to write. Funny how that works.

“Get off your duff. Just ask her.”

Tory shrugged, looped his t-shirt hem in his finger, and twisted.

“Stop your twiddling.”

“What if she says no?”

“Same as if you never asked.”

“So,” Tory released his worried shirt, smoothed the hem, and penciled on a smile. “Nothing to lose.”



Wednesdays are super-fun and challenging because pairing down to 50 words is really challenging. I like how dialog can tell us so much. By the way, this Tory is not my niece’s Tory.

It’ll be fun to find out what you think.

Who do you think is giving Tory advice? A friend? His Dad? His mother? One of her friends? I almost revealed who popped up in my mind’s eye.

Now I’m off to meet my 1,000-word goal for my next novel. After that, yoga. Ohmmmm…..

Wednesdays will be my Fifty day at least on and off again. I still haven’t written about eco-friendly Barbie. But then, what’s happening to Ray and Marla? They’re calling me to Friday writing. Geesh! The more I write, the more things in my head want to leak out my fingers and onto the page.