Fifty Word Wednesday: Kiral

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I started a personal challenge to write a story that is exactly 50 words! Thank you, Boy with a Hat. Not that he set up a formal challenge, but it was his idea. And his writing is worth checking out. So please click the link and find out what he’s up to. If you want to begin at my beginning, click here or search in the side panel with the words, “fifty day.”

So how to proceed? For the most part, I’m using my character inspiration, Dorothy Astoria’s The Name Book. Today, I turned toward the back of Dorothy’s book and found Kiral. I also thought of an old writing excercise: focus on one body part and write details about that. It’s kinda hard to tell a story in 50 words and detail a body part. But I’ll try.

I thank my good friend, Diane, for suggesting I set up a formal Challenge. Almost everything she writes makes me smile. (Except when she makes me cry.) Check out her blog at “On the Border.”

“Kiral! Put your gloves on,” Mother shouted from the back stoop.

Kiral ran toward the ball field, waving outstretched hands overhead. Tapered phalanges danced independently in a cloudless sky, nailbeds a perfect half-moon under oiled, cuticle-smoothed nails.

“You so bruise easily.” Mother’s voice decrescendoed as her hands kneaded her thighs.

Hmm… What’s up with Kiral and his beautiful fingers? I wish I had more than 50 words to find out.

Wednesdays are super-fun and challenging because paring down to 50 words is really hard. And so much fun. I never know what’s going to flow directly from my brain to my fingertips and onto the virtual page. I can tell you this: I’m a bit jealous of Kiral’s beautiful fingers.

I love finding out what you think.

Would you like to join me in for a 50-Word Wednesday Challenge? Please add your link in the comments section. I promise to pop over and read your stories. And feel free to copy this picture and caption into your blog to lead your readers back here.

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