Going Casual in my Costco clothes and Eliza B’s

Today it’s cold and dreary.  I want summer.  But I’m practical, too. It’s that time of the month again: three deadlines all at once.  Lucky me.  I have a massage scheduled for this afternoon.

A white crochet knit sweater with a white camisole underneath, tops off my skinny jeans.  Both the sweater and jeans are Costco finds.  The cami is from The Loft. I took a tip from 50Feeling40, with a tunic top over skinnies.

I slipped on my Eliza B’s just because I want summer so bad.Costo clothes


I love my Eliza B’s.  For more about these wonderful, made to order American sandals click here.  My first pair lasted 10 years.



So probably everybody knows about these little loopy things, but me.  I thought they were only for keeping my slouch shoulder sweaters and shirts on the hanger. But NO.  I can wrap them around my bra strap, right at the top of my shoulder and voilà, the sweater stays even along the hemline.

costco clothes - 3