Photo Friday: Bee Friended

Last night I interviewed a long-time friend, Tina, about her hobby.  She and her dad are beekeepers. Turns out her dad wanted to be a beekeeper since he was 10 years old.

Tina noticed a class at the community college and the rest is history. Dad is 83 years old now and still out their living 80 pound beehives along with Tina.

I learned a lot about bees and how they work, work, work.  I learned the origin of “freebie.” Yes, when you get something for nothing.  I learned about colony collapse.

I’m writing a feature for the local paper, but I bet I’ll have a bunch of info left to share on a STEM day.

For now, I’m sharing a photo I took in my flower garden.  Bees are rather friendly creatures. As Tina says, “They just want to work.”

Here’s a photo of my grandson petting one of our bees. Okay, the bee isn’t really ours, he belongs to a hive.  Isn’t it just so human to claim nature as ours?

Petting a bee