Good News Monday #12: Apple, Doodle, SGN Podcast

The little crocus delighted me this week. Why? Crocuses are such a symbol of hope, poking out of the cold ground and opening their beauty to the sun. Two, this beauty is not where I put her. She got transplanted sometime last year by a think-ahead April Fools squirrel.

Okay, so all of my good news this week is linked to the bad news of COVID-19. Still, it warms my heart to see how ordinary and not-so-ordinary people are doing things to help each other and to show love.

Apple will pay their contract workers

As a free-lancer myself, this is super-good news for my like-employed peeps. Since the Great Recession, so many people I know began working on a contract basis.

Apple employees got the word in early March that they would get paid, even as their retail stores closed up shop. But what about their contract workers?

Apple has hundreds of contractors who work as janitors, bus drivers, and perform other functions at their Silicon Valley campus. Between bus drivers and janitors, that’s about 740 people and over $35 million. Facebook and Google plan to continue paying their contractors, too.

Doodle Bug Workshop and American Legion team up for a letter writing campaign.

Doodle Bug Workshops serve to help the disabled learn vocational skills. They teamed up with American Legion to open their “Joe or Jane” to all the kids home from school. Participants of “Joe or Jane” project send letters to service men and women stationed over-seas.

According to Keven Leonard, commander of the 11th District American Legion:

..I can tell you that being away from home is hard enough. Add in the uncertainty of life on the home front, and you’ll find a whole lot of needless stress. I think this letter campaign is just what the doctor ordered for our people overseas.

Shaw Media

John Krasinski started “Some Good News”

He says he doesn’t know what he’s doing with his SGN podcast. I’ll let you judge for yourself, cuz this is just too good to summarize.

Oh my! Tears and smiles all at once. Thanks John. You’re a master of Some Good News, even if I thought of it first!

I’m sure there’s so much more. Please tell me what’s on your radar this week. More tears and smiles, please. (In the meantime, I’m back to mask-making.)