Sacrificing as Patriotism

A World War II color poster depicting 'Rosie the Riveter' encourages American women to show their strength and go to work for the war effort by J. Howard Miller in circa 1940. (Photo courtesy National Archives/Getty Images)

On Friday, I tell you a little bit about how my next novel is coming along. I admit, I did more research than writing in the last week. That said, the Kerschke brothers woke me up Wednesday morning and forced me to include them in the story. They were pretty darned adamant about their role, refusing to cooperated when I tried to push the snooze button on their attitudes.

My research got me thinking about ordinary citizens and their sacrifices during WWII.

  • Families planted Victory Gardens, converting manicured lawns to gardens.
  • Children saved chewing gum wrappers so the foil could be recycled for the war effort.
  • Women knitted socks for soldiers.
  • Rationing included limits on butter and sugar and gasoline.
  • People could only get two pairs of shoes a year.
  • Women sacrificed silk stockings so soldiers could have parachutes.

That lasted for four years!

Now we’re in a war against COVID-19

To flatten the curve, we’re asked to practice social distancing and stay home.

We’re also reminded to wash our hands and cover our coughs. But, hey, we should be doing those things already.

I put on my rose-colored glasses and made a decision. Social distancing is my civic duty and patriotic.

I’m not that crazy about the term “shelter in place.” That gives me images of my elementary school bomb drills, or the modern-day active shooter drills. Lock-down sounds like I’m under arrest. Isolation and Quarantine is for people who are infected.

  • I’m washing my hands;
  • I’m wearing a mask if it looks like I can’t maintain a six-foot distance on my few forays to the grocery stores;
  • I’m making washable masks for nurses, social workers, police officers (basically whoever wants them);
  • I’m staying home.

I’m choosing to be a hermit for my country.

How are you approaching the stay-put suggestion/order? Are you staying positive?

Now excuse me, the Kerschke brothers are pulling at my shirt-tail.