Gratitude Monday #45

I began thinking about my gratitude list yesterday afternoon.  Loved-One, Duckie and I went to our annual church picnic.  A pig roast this year. Great food, great company, and fun games.  My favorite game?  Of course I love hula-hooping, but this year, Kim, our choir director came up with something new.  The Lego Fire Walk.  If you ever stepped on a Lego in the middle of the night, you can guess where she got her idea.  Walking across a bed of Legos is no easy feat, nor is it easy on the feet.

Loved-One, Duckie and I helped with clean-up.  Exhausted, we came home ready to collapse.  Mike, our neighbor poked his head between the arbor vitae and said, “I really liked what you did with the berm in front.  So colorful.  It really turned out nice.”

So top on my list is:

  • Neighbors and Friends:  Don’t they just make work equal fun?  They provide entertainment, encouragement, opinion, and a sense of belonging.

Next, in no particular order:

  • Solar twinkle lights:  I lined the backyard walkway with them and they stayed on all night long.  Oh, they will be so delightful for the backyard wedding coming here in two weeks.
  • Social media:  I love seeing my niece’s one-year old’s birthday, and her 1st grader ride her bike.  No way would I be seeing these slices of life without connectivity.
  • BBC America:  I love the programming.  And the news coverage.  I get a chance to see a different perspective on things.
  • Ann Voskamp:  I’m reading One Thousand Gifts and feeling really inspired.
  • Blog Commenters:  This week it’s Ed who, gave me kernels of wisdom and encouragement  with his words.  I thought I might get some push-back on my evolution post.  So far nothing but support.  And Linda, who asked for a copy of my St. Patrick’s Day greeting card.  How sweet of you, Linda.
  • Blue-tooth connectivity:  I can print from my phone, I can answer my cell-phone through my land-line phone, and I can keep track of my Fitbit activities all over the place.  (Oh and spell-check which tickled me with a “titbit.”)
  • Claritin:  Oh it’s a bad month for my allergies.  Non-drowsy, hardly any side effects.  Thank you Claritin for easing my tickled nerve endings.
  • Sunshine:  It’s still sunny, pleasant, and warm.  Yes, there are signs of what’s to come, but just whispers.  Nothing definite.
  • A good sense of balance:  even when the wave roll in.  Literally and figuratively.

That’s my list.  What’s on your list today?

For more gratitude lists, please follow the link and check out Laurel’s at Alphabet Salad.  She the woman who inspired me to start my week out this way.