Photo Friday Link-Up: Meditate and Ponder

I start my day with breakfast, a cup of coffee.  Next, I set aside time to meditate and journal.  I start with a daily Bible reading, move to an inspirational book, and end with journaling.  I take my time.  Time to clear my thoughts and open my Friday black  twins 1

I have a partner these days.  Sasha.  Perhaps she’s meditating.  Perhaps she believes I’m there for her.

Then there’s my finger.  It’s hard to write.  It’s hurts to play the flute.  I must go to a surgeon and have a cyst removed.  And look where my journaling and meditation led me.

photo Friday black  twins 2 photo Friday black  twins 3



I hope you have a photo and some thoughts to share with me.  Please grab the link and share.