Gratitude Monday #46: Wedding & Tangential Things

Yes, It’s Gratitude Monday.  It’s not too late, even though the day is almost turning to dusk.  Even though I jotted five things down yesterday before I went to bed.  Even though, I might be feeling a teensy bit hyper because a wedding is coming to my house in five days.


Okay, first things first:  When you are through reading and commenting, come back here to this cute little frog and click on over to Laurel and  Alphabet Salad for some more gratitude lists.  That’s what I plan to do, immediately after I finish writing.

  • First on my List:  Did I mention there’s a wedding at my house on Saturday?  Yes, Wrestler #1 is marrying a beautiful Doula with two wonderful little boys.


  • Bonus Grandchildren:  Doula’s boys bring my number of bonuses to three and my total number of grandchildren to fourteen.  Fourteen!
  • Renee:   She makes me look beautiful; she makes me laugh; and she got married last weekend with the almost the same outdoorsy theme as Wrestler #1 and Doula.  She’s sharing so many decorations:  shellac wood, whiskey barrels, burlap table runners, and much, much more.
  • Thank yous:  I know it seems simple, but this week Loved-One’s name appeared in the church bulletin thanking him for all his lugging and loading.  Such a simple thing to do, and something that brings so much joy.  Can I say thank you for the thank you?  I can and I do.
  • Hotter Shoes:  Leave it to the English, where walking is the a common form of transportation, to come up with comfortable and stylish shoes.  Less expensive than most good shoes, my feet feel barefoot, yet protected.  Loved-One fears I will develop a shoe fetish.
Two Karina Dresses and One Hotter Shoe
  • Karina Dresses:  Made for my (or your) figure type, they are care-free and washable.  And flattering, too?  Yes! Yes! Yes!  I got one for Beanie, just because I got so excited.
  • Landscaping Bricks:  This is the summer of the brick-layer/builder.  I’ve built two retaining walls, an outdoor BBQ/Fire-pit, and edged the water garden.  At 18 pounds each, I also got some muscles to show for my work without going to the health club.
  • Elders:  Loved-One and I worked hard at the picnic, but not as hard as most of the senior citizens from the parish.  Wait a minute.  I do believe that I AM one of those seniors.
  • The English Language:  It’s so rich with nuance and meaning.  Just try to explain to a English-as-a-second-language speaker the difference between “wise guy” and “wise man.”  See what I mean?

That’s it for this week.  Don’t forget to check out the other lovely Gratitude Lists: