Gratitude Monday #47: Post Wedding

rado flyerIt’s Monday and time for a little gratitude.  I felt a little blah about it this morning; still doing clean-up from Wrestler #1’s wedding at my house this weekend.  But then Loved-One pulled a bag out of the refrigerator:  two cooked hot dogs in the bun, neatly wrapped inside a raw hamburger bag.  Dead-panned he exclaimed:

Someone’s trying to kill us!

We both burst out laughing at this silly, surely unintentional mistake.  That got my gratitude list rolling.  Number one  on my list:

A zany sense of humor.  And a true soul-mate to share it with.

Generous people:  Renée for helping with decoration; Wanda for all her help putting decorations up.  Mike for manning the grill all night.  Mom for coming all that way on the train and rolling up her sleeves to chop and dice.

Embracing arms:  I needed more than one pair after fatigue and lack of control sent me into a tail-spin.  Thanks friends and family for re-directing my course, and helping me pick up the pieces.  A slight crash, but the battery’s charged, the tank is filled, and the wings are ready to take flight again.

Re-cycling by the township:  So glad we can cart things a few miles over and get the re-cycling taken care of.  Another day, and all will be cleared.  I may even miss the sweet smell of fermentation that wafts over me when I enter the garage.

Mini-vans and road trips:  Church lady loaned two old barn doors which we used as table tops.  We traveled across the state-line to retrieve them and found a new bakery.  Maple covered raised donuts with bacon on top!

“The women of Midlife:”  They give a much-needed touchstone and encouragement.  I love you guys (okay, gals.)

Solar garden twinkle lights:  I lined the path and Wanda girdled the trees.  No plugs, no switches, and they stayed on all night.  The yard looked like a woodland fairy land.

An exercise partner:  After a week away, she’s got me back on track with Body Pump tonight.  (I did do a lot of lifting in that week, but not at the gym.)

Sasha, who makes me giggle.  Look at her sitting in a shoe-box.  Crazy cat!

You looking at me?
You looking at me?

What’s on your gratitude list this week?  Here’s the link to Laurel at Alphabet Salad.  She’s the one who put me on this Monday mission.