Gratitude Monday #48

Oh my, but I am blue these days. It must be the sun is riding lower in the sky.  Surely it’s not the weather; it’s beautiful.    Thank God for Gratitude Mondays and Alphabet Salad to get me back on track, counting my blessings and remembering all the little and big things that give me joy.  So here a few, in no particular order:

  • Free Mulch offered by the township where we live.  I planted allmymums and asters and now theyaresnugged in with a hefty blanket of mulch for the winter.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will stretch out to meet the sun when spring circles back around.
    gratitude #48 (2)
    Asters that survive the winter.

    Mulching is more fun with helpers.
    Mulching is more fun with helpers.
  • Sunny days and warm temperatures for a few more days.  It’s over 85°F today!  Yet, because the sun rides low in the sky, and it’s dry, the air feels gentle, not oppressive.  A certain blessing with a prediction of rain and prehaps even frost by the weekend.
  • Friends who lend an ear and a shoulder.  Duckie and I both needed you this weekend.  You were there for us all the way.
  • Funny books that lift me out of a blue funk.  I’m reading two now.  The Color of Water by James McBride and Tender is the Brisket by Stacia Friedman.  One for book club, one I won.  Very different books, but strangely, both have major characters that are Jewish mothers.  They both make me laugh for very different reasons.
  • “Garfunkel and Oats” I laugh out loud at their quirky, irreverent humor.  Oh my!  Some of their YouTube videos are waaay over the top irreverent.  Here’s my favorite this week.  (Safe for all ages, minus a little language you don’t want to hear on the playground.)
  • Ball canning jars and lids and pre-mixed seasoning.  This year, beautiful spaghetti sauce from our tomatoes.  Yummy.  Now that’s a reason to look forward to frosty weather.gratitude #48 (1)
  • Kitchen Aid Ice Cream maker.  This add-on makes the very best triple chocolate ice cream.  Smooth, creamy, and soooo chocolatey.
  • “Box Trolls” and little people to go to the movies with me.  Oh this movie may have just nudged “The Nightmare Before Christmas” off my favorite list.  Fun for kids, but lots of grown-up humor.  It’s artistic and sweet and wry and thoughtful. This movie warrants a repeat.  Maybe with Loved-One this time.  He shares my love of quirky and insightful.

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