Photo Friday: Building Walls (Link-up #4)

My Photo Fridays are old hat, but the link-ups are new.  For more on my  photography, please click over to my Photo Friday page.  I’d love to see what you have in your lens this week.

This summer I celebrate preformed garden bricks.  Look what I built!  Two retaining walls and a fire pit.  All by myself.  Loved-One helped me put the liner in the fire-pit.  Oh, and Beanie and her kids helped a little with the tear-drop shaped wall.  So, not all by myself, but mostly by myself.

photo using iPhone. Collage using Composure app.


I like how the weight of the bricks hold the walls together.  Sort of like one of those stone walls that divide the fields in rural England.

Those bricks are 18-20 pounds each, so I got a bit of a work-out as an added bonus.  (“Hear me Roar”)

I showed you mine, now please show me yours.