Gratitude Monday #53: Sunshine and Happiness and a Party

A sunny day, the day after Halloween, the day after a blustery, cold Trick-or-Treat, the day of our annual Halloween Party.  Yay, for sunshine, Yay for 50 degree weather.  That leads my gratitude list this week.

And here’s what else is on my list this week, in no particular order:

Flute music:  At last I am back to practicing, which makes me feel very, very happy.  Nothing like a flute and the music to “Frozen” to wash away the blues.

Three verses to Happy Birthday and three birthday boys to sing it with me and three successful birthday cakes to join the fun.Halloween 19

Teenagers who help:  Miss E and her two besties came, helped rake leaves and created the most not-lame scavenger hunt ever.  Now we have more than little kids games.

A leaf pile big enough to bury six kids over their heads in leaves.  While they are standing no, less.

Fountain pens:  I love the feel of words sliding onto paper, even if it’s just a to-do list.

Restoration Hardware catalogs:  I may have my Christmas shopping done.  What?  It’s not even thanksgiving.

Little ones who help:  Miss S, who helped with the bloodshot deviled eyeballs, and Mr. C who helped with the piñata.Halloween 2 (1) Halloween (3)

Teenagers who aren’t afraid to look foolish.  A certain Mr. D in a schoosh too small Mr. Incredible costume really made my day. (No need for documentation, the memory is enough.)

Spiced hot cider.  No explanation needed.

Red Velvet donuts and three people who made sure one was saved just for me.

Cousins who love to be together.

Fishing for Grandchildren:  The most funnest game ever.  A picture or two is worth more than a 1,000 words.Halloween 13Halloween 16 Halloween 14

What’s on your gratitude list?  Hop on over to Alphabet Salad and join the fun.