RoadTripping: Day 3

I wake from a dream where I solved my newsletter import/export problems. Like Watson and Crick, I hold on to my vision.  I can fix this.  I can. I delay us leaving by two hours, sure I of my solution. I do not succeed.

We get up, swim, have another breakfast of waffles and scrambled eggs.  Really, really good eggs.


I spent most of the day editing the exported spreadsheet from my old newsletter (not working) in hopes that I can import when we stopped.  Well, I’m riding in the car anyways, I can look up as often as I want to see the sights.

These haystacks remind me of impressionist paintings in the Chicago Art Museum.  Who says Nebraska is dull?road trip day 3 6


It rains and sleets and snows. We stop at a rest area and take a picture. Other than that  it’s drive drive, drive. With a couple of quick stops.  road trip day 3 4

road trip day 3 5

road trip day 3 7
Isaac loves flowers

We stop at the Living Memorial Garden in Sydney, NE. This was a peaceful walk-around of flowers and memorials for people of the area. Some were military memorials, but mostly just regular old and young people. Another find thanks to RoadTripper.

We see some wild-life.


road trip day 3 2 (1)

We see beautiful dark blue clouds like I’ve never seen before.  As we drive along, I understand they are created by humans, from this monstrosity.  A chemical plant perhaps?

road trip day 3 3 (1)


We stop at the Ames Monument in Wyoming to the men who worked on the transcontinental railroad.  Directions from RoadTripper are great.

road trip day 3 1 (1)

Some ranchers come by, perhaps worried  we are no-good rustlers.  They may have been well-wishers or curious, we did not stick around to chat because of their glowering looks.  We high-tail it out of there.

We stop in Green River, WY at another Hampton Inn.  I’m beginning to welcome the predictability and the warm chocolate chip cookies at the end of the day. And the complimentary wifi.

The tech support for Newsletters agrees to export/import my subscriber list. Yay! I really dreaded doing more manual editing of the list. I only made it to the middle of the “g”s. I sleep a lot sounder. No problem-solving dreams await me this night.  Ahhh…