Gratitude Monday #55


Some Mondays I have a hard time getting my gratitude on.  Not this week.  I seem to have shaken the blues right out of me.



Top on my list is a new free-lance opportunity.  Yay!  I just might make my writing goal this year.  But that’s just the beginning.  The publisher said I’m a really good writer.  And that’s not all…. Oh, I’m just bubbling over.   So here’s my list this week:

  • A publisher that responds to my “thank-you” with, “No, really.  You are good. I read everything you write.”  (Perhaps he sensed my disbelief.) I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read everything, but maybe what I write in the local paper.  Still!
  • Loved-One who said, “How many people have to tell you before you believe it.”
  • Beanie, who told me about her local paper, which provided the new connection.  And it was she who said, “You better call your mom and tell her.”
  • Mom who got as excited as I am.
  • Belly laughs:  a friend told me she decided she could help at a bake sale, but didn’t want to be the organizer, so she put her name on the very last line of the sign-up sheet.  No one else signed-up, so she’s the leader by default.
  • Big fluffy snowflakes that fall silently in still air.
  • Designer yarn for the hat I’m knitting. For me!
  • Hotter shoes and their easy return policy.  The best fitting shoes, I’m telling you, and if one pair is a little too big, no problem.  No matter that I don’t have the receipt, they’re in the wrong box, and I got them 2 months ago.
  • Electric blankets:  Nothing nicer than slipping between toasty warm sheets in a cool bedroom.
  • Pressure Cooker ham and scalloped potatoes:  The recipe only took 15 minutes to cook.  I made it in a Pyrex bowl inside a canning pressure cooker.  Besides it being quick and super-tasty, I had no trouble with the clean-up.  I’m making pulled pork in 45 minutes today.
  • Finally finishing the sweater I knitted for Loved-One.  It’s HORRIBLE.  The sleeves are too long, the cuffs are baggy, and the shoulders droop off my wide-shouldered man.  Did I already say “Belly laughs??

What’s on your gratitude list this week.  Please join me and Laurel at Allphabet Salad  by clicking the link below.  See what’s on other writer’s list, too.