Road Trip: Day 4, Park City Here We Come

It’s Columbus Day.

I wake from another dream about a way to feed the hungry with beans. “Beans to You,” has farmers dedicate an acre of their bean crop. Packaged in 2 lb. mesh bags and tied with a ribbon, a cookbook filled with bean recipes from local people.accompanies the donation.  I hold on to this idea.  It could work.  Really.  Beans are very versatile.

IMG_0004_2I get the newsletters sent, but a lot of error messages resulted. Drat! I sent another request to the tech support.

At breakfast (another delightful and homey meal of yogurt, fruit, robust coffee and waffles) I meet this Christina.  She’s running from New York City to San Francisco.  Why?  She’s raising money for the Navy Seal Foundation.  To find out more about Christina, her run, and where the donated money goes, check out her website:

DSC05759We find a few points of interest, thanks to RoadTripper.

We stop at Fort Bridgers.  Jim Bridgers created the fort as supply stop along the Oregon trail.  Later, Mormons took it over.  They burned it to the ground when  they realized the military was on the way.  Since we’re traveling in off-season, this is a self-guided tour.  (Later we will find out why, but for now we are mystified.)

DSC05756Dogs really are man’s best friend.  A special cemetery plot holds the remains of the army’s mascot.

We are almost out of Wyoming, when RoadTripper suggest another stop:  Bear River State Park.  Oh my, this place is beautiful.  Look at the fields and streams and animals.  What a beautiful park, and just a half-mile off the interstate.  True, the wind rustling through the prairie grass is interrupted by the sound of the semi trucks passing nearby.  Still, we cannot actually see the interstate, so we pretend the noise is the rushing of water and the wind in the trees.  Wait a minute.  Maybe it is the rushing of water!

DSC05785 DSC05777

We’re closer to Utah and Park City than we thought.  We have one more stop for lunch.  We go to a place recommended by RoadTripper.  It is closed and for sale, along with the motel it is right next to.  But, we meet the owner.  He offers to sell it to us cheep.  We decline, but….

He send us to his restaurant in the small town of Coalville.

polar king

I am sure this was a Dairy Queen coverted to a Polar King, converted  to a Mexican restaurant.  The food is pretty good, so I add a picture and a review to RoadTripper.  By the way, the whole town seems as quirky as this restaurant.  We love it.

We get to the Hilton Grand Resort about 5 PM. We get some groceries at Smith’s hoping for food for breakfast and lunch food and bottle of wine. Shoot, no wine. The only thing close was near-beers like one that gave me a chuckle: “Poligamy.”

In Utah alcohol only state owned liquor stores, that close on Columbus Day. Drat.

The accommodations are wonderful: A full kitchen, laundry room, dining area, living room,fireplace. Upstairs we have a sitting room, bedroom, and full bath. We are right on ski slopes and a little city of restaurants and shops. Neither me nor Loved-One ski, and there’s no snow.  The slopes are great for hiking.

Whee!! I feel like royalty.IMG_0007_2

We have but one problem, make that two.

  • Problem #1: The TVis mounted above the fireplace. This looks beautiful.  But…
    • the sound projects into the upstairs rather than the living area;
    • our necks get crinked looking that far up.
  • Controlling the temperature is impossible.
    • A loud fan blows straight down on to the bed. It clicks off and on every few minutes.
    • We just doze off between onslaughts of freezing cold air just before we’re bombarded again.
    • Loved-One and I take turns going downstairs to adjust the temperature. Then we get hot.

I half can’t wait for tomorrow to come, and half do want just a few more moments to sleep.  Oh well.  Tomorrow is another day.