Gratitude Monday #58

The last week filled me up with productivity.  I felt almost- almost- like I was back in the corporate world.  Only, I’m  in the comfort of my own home-office, looking out my windows at wildlife, and I’m meeting exceptional people and get paid for it.  Don’t get me wrong, the corporate world has exceptional people, and I got paid.  This seems like more of an adventure.  Well, the corporate world is an adventure, too.  Anyways, I’m loving this new adventure.  And I got the dreaded piece of editing done on my novel.

So here’s the things that are top on my gratitude list this week.

  • santa run (1)Charitable people.  This month I’m interviewing people who give back to the community.  What a blessing they are.  And some of the fundraisers are so much fun.
  • Two paychecks.  Two newspapers.  Two great freelance jobs.
  • Wrestling twins.  What a great way for little boys to spend the morning.  Mr. Ry had a tough time coming in second, to next to Mr. Ro.  After all, Mr. Ry is the older of the two.  But look how he mustered up a smile and some sportsmanship.
  • Local theatre.  I managed to get an outiwrestlerng scheduled for thirteen grandchildren.  I expect something will come up, or someone will get sick, but hey that kind of thing happens with kids.  I’m so happy we still do this.
  • Pretzels dipped in chocolate.  Coco and I spent the afternoon finishing her project.  Whoops!  She’s got another one popping up.
  • On-line bargains.  I almost feel like I’m saving money this year.
  • Friends.  I drew a green Christmas wreath on all the days I have a Christmas celebration.  Tonight’s my book club.  What a group of truly great people.
  • Forgiveness.  I failed to call Mom today because I was out on the road on a slippery morning.  I’m so glad I have a mom like her. Still, I did miss talking to her.
  • Potatoes.  I’m making some cheesy potatoes for the Book Club party as soon as I hit publish.  Which brings me back to Mom.  It’s her recipe.
  • Christmas wreaths sold for a good cause:  one for the front door (Boy Scouts) and one for the back (Youth Group.)  Love-one strung battery operated mini-lights.  Oh, so great.

What’s on your gratitude list?  Please join me and Laurel at Alphabet Salad every Monday.