Gratitude Monday #59

A whole week passed before I got back to a blogpost.  Why? It’s the very thing for which I am most thankful this week.

An Abundant Life!

Christmas wreath with six bows
Christmas wreath with six bows (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m busy writing for two newspapers, getting ready for my second favorite holiday and doing my best to focus my energy where with family and friends.  I marked my calendar with a tiny Christmas wreath on each day I have a holiday related event.  So far, December has 12 events.

I have an exercise partner  who gets me back on the band-wagon and my daughter invited me to a FitBit challenge.  I am so lucky I can do both of these.

I have an abundance of food.

I have great health insurance.

I have 12 pair of pajamas to make, and several hats to knit.

I am healthy.

I have enough shoes.

I have so many loving people in my life, I need more than all my fingers and all my toes to count them and I have room for more.

I have many new writing topics in my head, tickling down through my fingers and begging to be let free.

Please join me and Laurel at Alphabet Salad.  We’re taking time out to count our blessing. You’ll be happy you did.