Gratitude Monday #63

Snowed-in, up-late, a little bit nauseous and headache, a lot tired, and feeling like a bear because of heartbreak in the family, left me feeling a bit less than gracious this morning.DSC03184

I need a time-out.  So here I sit in a virtual corner until I can count my blessings:

♥  A variety of shovels in my garage:  some for pushing, some for scooping, some designed for lifting.  Wow!  Snow doesn’t stand a chance.

♥  A wheel barrow. Yes, we got so much snow, I had to find some way to move it further than I can throw it.

♥  Love-One’s height, muscle, and determination.  He attacked the pile the plow left at the end of the drive.

♥  An exciting Super Bowl Game.  Yes, that’s why I stayed up so late.  And I, a non-football fan, loved this game.  Especially those bright blue and green uniforms.

♥  An abundance of good food.  Thus the nausea and headache.  Served me right, I guess.

♥  Kristen Harnisch:  A published author willing to spend some time and share some of her trials and tribulations, offer advice, and share contacts.

♥  Facebook connections to my big crazy extended family.  You know who you are, Alison is having surgery, Reaghan’s asleep with her son, Shannon is dissing commercials, John is John, Rita is expecting Loren for the Super Bowl Game, Cheryl won the Chilli Cook-off, everyone is snowed in, except Linda who abandoned the midwest.

♥  CoCo’s sweetness.  Between a tear-soaked broken heart and a hug, she thought of me.  You inspire me, girly-cue.

Oh my, I feel so much better.  Thank you Laurel, at Alphabet Salad for  getting me in the habit of counting my blessings on Monday morning.  The clouds cleared, the sky is Crayola-blue, and the snow sparkles.

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