Photo Friday #18: +1000 Words

I’m reading and learning a bit about photography from Farrah Braniff and her book MOMENTS THAT MATTER.

I suppose I already knew that my favorite pictures tell a story, but Braniff heightened my consciousness.  Here are four pictures from the same family gathering. I wish I knew the story behind each of them.

Guess I’ll make something up. I might be able to write a different short story about each one of these. For now, I offer a caption.


family praying
Please Lord, Chocolate without consequences.


picture stories 3
Mother listens while police officer relays arrest of son for drug possession. Daughter tries to hide that she knew about her brother’s cannabis habit.


picture stories 4
“He proposed to me in a text.” “Umm… That’s nice….”


picture stories 2
Oh Man.  Who told you it’s a costume party?  Not cool. But still pretty funny.


No. None of these captions reflect the true story.  Still, I do love writing  fiction.

What’s in your lens this week?   Please link up and give me a peek.