Gratitude Monday #63

Ugh!  I’m not feeling the gratitude this morning.  Too much accounting going on for me on this Monday.  And some more as soon as I’m done counting my blessings.  Accounting is definitely not my forte.  Or my love.  But then again, top on my list this week is:

♥  Accounting!  I have an income that I must account for.  Life sure could be a whole lot worse.

♥  A Free-lance writing job that lets me (pretty much) write what I want to write about, focus on the positive in my community, and meet tons of new people.  I always loved my in microbiology and chemistry, but this job is F-U-N.

♥  A world-famous ski-jump competition just miles away.  CoCo said “let’s go,” and I said, why not. So she, Love-One, Miss K, and Mr. C bundled up and joined the festivities.DSC06109  We had a great time, even though 35 mph winds made most of the competitors decide the conditions were too dangerous.

♥ A fire-place, a pizza, some hot chocolate and people I love to warm me up.  Okay, it took a lot more than that, but I eventually got thawed. I remind myself that some people are homeless in this frigid weather.

♥ A Women’s Day of reflection.  I didn’t really have time to give a whole day to introspection.   I should take time.  I am surrounded by such nourishing women.  I knew they were there, but I needed reminding.

♥ A daughter who joined me for a day of reflection.  A first!  Thank you CoCo.

♥ A husband who thinks he wants to learn to cook, requests cooking utensils, and relinquishes said utensil to me.  I never wanted a pressure cooker.  He did.  He I made the best split pea soup ever. Oh my! Why did I never learn to cook with a pressure cooker before?

♥ A very busy, rejuvenating, and fun weekend: A retreat, an outing, a pancake breakfast benefit, grandchildren overnight, a movie, a visit. Some together time, some alone time, some me time, some we time. My life is full and so, so good.

I believe I’ll go have lunch now.  The memory of Loved-One’s (!) soup made me hungry. Oh wait.  Accounting before lunch, and I’m free to write this afternoon.

What’s on your gratitude list this week?  Please join Laurel at Alphabet Salad for her Monday Link-up.