Gratitude Monday #66: Glass half-full

I’m sleep deprived from watching the Oscars.  A dismal record of guessing the winners.  I thought I could watch and complete a little photography project.  Nope.  It’s still cold out. I mean really cold.  I’m up against two deadlines.  What is there to be thankful about, anyways?

A little self-talk and I’m on the way to turning that frown upside down.  (Blechk.  I sorta, kinda hate that saying.)

So here goes:

♠  I have two deadlines this week.  Four stories to write.  I am so lucky that two newspapers like, I mean, really like what I write.

♠  I get to witness a record.  In the 144 years of recorded weather history, this February has never, ever been this cold.


♠  The Oscars are over.  My predictions were woefully wrong.  I still enjoyed all the clips, and now I have a whole bunch of movies I’m dying to see.  One, Birdman, comes out at Red-Box this week or next.

♠  It’s my birthday this week, and I had to be reminded. Linda at Bookclub brought a mixed berry pie.  Mmmmm…. Did someone tell her I appreciate pie way more than cake?

♠  Fat Tuesday and  Pączkis. The only time I have these delectable treats, then it’s time to “give up” something for Lent.  I gave up weighing myself.  (Really.  I focus way to much on my weight.  Time to use that energy elsewhere.)

♠  I got a delayed Christmas present:  Oscar Night at the Symphony.  Loved-One picked it out for me.  On the way there he said, “I usually try to fall asleep during the symphony.” (Tries?) He loved it as much as I did.  Wow!  I never appreciated how much the string section sets the mood for movies.

♠  Two people agreed to help me connect with agents.  Two people I’ve talked to, but never met.  (I do hope to meet them soon.) Two people who are sister writers.  It’s so nice to be part of a helpful community.

♠  Internet connectivity.  I know I say this a lot, but it does keep coming up for me.  Another CareBridge update came this morning about my friend Jane.  She suffered a stroke just before Christmas. CareBridge helps me stay connected to her during her long healing process.

There, I feel better.  I almost feel like bundling up and going for a walk in the frigid sunshine.  On second thought, I’ll venture out to the gym.

What’s on your list this week?  Please join Laurel at Alphabet Salad to share.