Gratitude Monday and NaPoWriMo Mashup

Today’s challenge: write a riddle poem. This poem should describe something without ever naming it. Perhaps each line could be a different metaphor for the same object? Maybe the title of the poem can be the “answer” to the riddle.





Scenes from a Spring Tornado
Green Ferns sit on porches,
Yellow Jonquils bop merry,
While Sky Lightning torches,
Purple Hyacinth waft eery.
Questions, Frets, and phone calls alert,
Swirling and Dipping and Touching down.
Some: Pray, Relief, Fears avert.
Begin again, out and up from under the ground.

Okay, it might be a bit hard to see the gratitude in this scene, and maybe it wasn’t that much of a riddle either.  Still, I have gratitude in the wake of destruction:

♥  The houseplants are finally outside again. Yay!

♥  My jonquils are up and waving merry. So cheerful.

♥  In spite of my fears driving west, while a tornado bore east, the lightning was, indeed, spectacular.

♥  All that lightning is good for the soil.  It adds nitrogen.

♥  The scent of the Hyacinths fill me with heady perfume.

♥  Again, thanks to technology, Loved-One alerted me to the danger of a tornado.

♥  Technology filled our homes with alerts,  pictures and video of a spectacular tornado.  Wow!

♥  Although the tornado devastated property, it spared so many people. It could have been so much worse.

♥  People are coming together to help rebuild, or just to help the homeless and grieving.

♥  Plus, I so appreciate the thoughts and prayers from friends near and far.  Thank you!