Photo Friday and NaPoWriMo Mashup

Today’s challenge: write an abecedarian poem – a poem with a structure derived from the alphabet. There are a couple of ways of doing this. You could write a poem of 26 words, in which each word begins with a successive letter of the alphabet. You could write a poem of 26 lines, where each line begins with a successive letter. Or finally, if you’d prefer to narrow your focus, perhaps you could write a poem which focuses on a few letters, using words that repeat them.

Almost New Again

A routine drive
Brought 'round the lake
Ceases a moment.
Drive slows round the curve
Everyday occurrence found new.
Flagged beautiful today,
Halts time in space.
Image like paintings;
Jesus, sweet Jesus!
Keeps breath in place.
Life stands still, silent,
Moment on moment frozen,
Nature at rest before
Opening to warmth, like
Prayers unspoken, or
Quietly said,
Routines repeat while
Silent beauty waits
To be  revealed:
Unraveled, unfurled.
Virtually dead, no sleeping beneath
Words fail to  describe
eXacting a memory forever more,
Yester-morn's stillness
Zinks-zonks soul to pause.
IMG_5411 (1)
iPhone 5 photo with “Chrome” filter.