OFOTW and NaPoWriMo Mashup

I missed my poem yesterday.  A bad day for me.  Food poisoning?  Some intestinal bug?  Whatever, I only managed 727 steps, according to Fitbit.  Most of them to bed and to you-know-where.

Okay, so back to the keyboard with today’s challenge:

write a visual poem.

I took a look at examples, which are either abstract pictures or text arranged to make a picture.  What do you know?  One of the bloggers I follow, Silver Poetry, seems to be a visual poet.  Arna Baartz might  balk at that label; I have a feeling she’s resists labels..  I’m no expert. So here’s my attempt at the mashup.





Easter Bonnetless

Lean muscled, or so I’m told,

Neck and thumbs

and  ankles reveal I’m old. Dancing eyes match youthful smile.

Hourglass, though thicker now. Karina dress, Made in America, WoW.

Right colors to match the

mood. Never-iron simplicity

is more than good. Hotter shoes made in England, where people

walk a lot. Gives a sassy wedge, that will besot. A black sweater because

you never know, Spring is cold and hot