Gratitude Monday: Bitter with the Sweet

This weekend we got the news that a relative passed away.  He had a stroke a week ago from which he was unable to recover. Our primary connection with Uncle B, since he lives far from here, has been cards, wedding gifts, and thumbs-up on Facebook posts. Though a thin connection, a real connection, a connection we will miss. So with [tweetthis]grief to add bitters on the sweetness of gratitude, I offer thanks in no particular order.[/tweetthis]


  1. Uncle B and his family, who have shown me love through the years.

  2. CoCo who grieves deeply, and gives meaning to connections lost.

  3. CeCe, Wrestler #2 and Wrestler #1 who know how to come together in support.

  4. Budding crocuses which promise rebirth and renewal.

  5. Mr. D, an accomplished flutist, who took 1st place in his music competition this weekend.

  6. Rain that brings the brown earth back to life.

  7. Pi day, and amazing math teachers. (Perhaps not the best singing here, but a great pi song.)