Gratitude Monday: Columbine and more

Thank you once again, Laurel.  You prompt me to consider all the little things that bring gracious gratitude to my heart.

This week’s list:

  1. My beta readers:  Oh, you patient people, who praise and gently critique.  You find my errors and question my logic and praise my prose.  I love you.  What would I do without your eyes and hearts.
  2. My daughters:  Loved the Color Vibe 5K walk run.  So much fun!  You keep me young.  You make me laugh until my sides ache.
  3. “Call the Midwife,”  our lunchtime treat:  Tear-jerking life lessons in each episode, plus lots of victimless humor.  So much more than baby-birthing going on here.  Love-One, Duckie, and I love every episode.
  4. Toads Mating:  Oh my gosh, your screaming for a mate keeps me up at night.  Still, your persistence remind me how tenacious life is.  I hope you find a “husband” soon.  Really.
  5. Coyote pups and mothers:  Between the toad interludes, the coyote mothers howl, ow-ow-ow-owoooo, ow-ow-ow-owoooo.  Followed my the yip-yip-yip of pups too numerous to count.  I can’t help but laugh as my mind’s eye sees pups trying hard to imitate mom.
  6. Columbine:  Such a delicate graceful flower, persistent and strong.  I planted mine several years ago.  First the woodchuck mowed them down. I almost lost hope, but they held on strong and persevered.  Now they are firmly established and have even migrated to the back yard.
    I know April is the official time to remember the victims of the Columbine Massacre (13 killed, 20 injured, and 2 suicides.)  From mid-spring to early summer, my columbine bloom in several colors now.  They are my constant reminder of  survivors’ delicate  persistence: grace-filled and beautiful.


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