Photo Friday: Restoration?

UPS delivered 18 pounds of bundled catalogs to me this week.

Restoration 2

Ten years ago I purchased our decorative door bells for RH.  Twelve years ago, I got some display shelves.

Restoration 3

I agree, it’s less of a “footprint” to send me all of this in one shipment.

But why send them at all?

Maybe they think it’s about time I do a little restoration.

Too bad, not a one of these catalogs have carpeting or linoleum.  (One of my goals is to get some new carpeting for the lower level.)

Restoration 4


The first thing I’m going to do is apply the eyelashes to my Prius.  (See the far left corner of the picture above.) Duckie got me these for my birthday.

RH:  Next time, Save the environment and the poor UPS delivery person’s back, and send me an e-mail.   On the other hand, I could add lifting these to my daily exercise routine.

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