Gratitude Monday: Cup of Perspective

This week I had three separate frets.  By the third fret, Loved-One got a bit anxious.

“You’re always so calm,” he said.  “It’s hard for me to see you agitated.  I’m afraid you might lose it.”

Mind you, [tweetthis]I just clamped my jaw tight and began swift and furious paper shuffling.[/tweetthis].

In one instant, I made cell-phone calls in quick succession.  No throwing or shouting or swearing or stamping, or hitting of animate or inanimate objects.

“Let’s go for a walk,” Loved-One suggested.

I really wanted to stay put and get my problem solved.  I went for a walk.

These were problems with the potential to be big, but were not, and did not get big:

  • Caravanning with 16 yo Mr. B (car loaded with younger siblings,) we got lost from each other.  He ended up on the highway.  I fretted.  He was fine.
  • Newspaper article I worked on, got scooped by another writer.  I fretted.  I got paid.
  • Four days from trip, Loved-One’s ticket purchase didn’t go through like it should have.  I fretted. We re-booked.

[tweetthis]Walks are so good for the soul. And so good for a relationship.[/tweetthis]

I had time to gather my thoughts and get in touch with the why behind my fretting.  Ahhh….

So of course, first on my list:

  •  A calm storm.  I’m a thinker, not a reactor. Most of the time.  Even when I’m reacting, I’m in problem solving mode.  Shuffling papers, calling people, getting my documentation together.  Time has mellowed out the “screaming banshee fit,” to a “slow simmer.” 🙂
  •   Someone who is in tune enough to recognize that “simmering” means something. Someone who knows what action to take. Someone I trust enough to listen to, even when my problem solving mode wants to wait until the problem is solved. 🙂
  •  Gentle Rain.  It always comes after we’ve trekked the hose around and watered everything. Still, the flowers and the veggies seem to know the difference between our watering and that from above. 🙂
  • Wrestler #2’s affirmations. This seems like a little thing, but really it’s big.  Every time we are together, he comments on the wonderful traits of at least one of his nieces or nephews. This time it was 4 year old, Mr. C.  “He has such a pleasant personality.  Always, smiling.  He’s so friendly….” and on.  And Mr. B.  “He’s so responsible.” 🙂
  • Discount price to BAM 2016. A very affordable price.  And at a location I dig. 🙂
  • Last whiffs of lilac. I trimmed the dead blossoms from the bush this weekend.  The perfume overwhelmed and delighted me. 🙂
  • A new widget. It lets me set some tweetable snippets.  Love it on two other blogs I visit.  I hope you do too.  🙂
  • Disney World with Grandkids. Now that requires no further explanation.  🙂
Me and Miss S on the Tea-Cup ride

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