Photo Friday: In the Crapper

A bit of trivia: Thomas Crapper invented the ballcock assembly, which in turn made flush toilets popular. That’s when “I’m going to the Crapper,” became popular. Why do I know this?  My early career included inspecting toilets in public restrooms for anti-syphon devices and correct ballcock assemblies.  I gotta say, I did like telling restaurant owners (all men only back then,) that they needed to replace their faulty ballcock assemblies. I still, on occasion, lift the tank lid and take a peek.

Here’s the most interesting public restroom I’ve been in on this continent. I often wonder about the reminder not to flush unflushables down the toilet.  But the reminder on the waste bin left me completely boggled.  No, this wasn’t in some remote bar.  It’s from one of my favorite ice cream stores.Itchy-bon's public restroom