Gratitude Monday: Fall and the City

Chicago Bean

Mr. B turned 18 this month.  We gave him a choice of birthday presents:  1) cash; 2) shopping with G-Mom; 3) dinner a day at Open House Chicago.  He picked a day with us in Chicago.  I tried to imagine how I’d react if my grandmother offered me a day with her in Chicago.  Oh yeah, Grandma was pretty cool for a grandma.  Still, I feel really blessed that Mr. B chose us, and Chicago, as a birthday present.

Here’s a few more things on my gratitude list this week:

  • Fall colors in full swing.  I began to think about fall ’16 as a muted shade of brown and orange, when suddenly a palette of reds, purples, and golds jumped out at me.  I’m sure the hickory turned vibrate gold between Sunday and Monday morning.  I waited, I watched, and all at once, transformation.
  • Hybrid plants that add to the glory of natural fall colors.
  • Trips to the apple orchard with little ones and all you the samples you desire.
  • Chicago’s vibrancy, just a metra ride away.
  • Paypal apps for the iPhone, so I can accept credit card payments with ease.
  • Lunch with old friends.
  • Senior discounts and weekend rates.
  • Chicago Style hotdogs and Pizza and a grandson who appreciates those things more than high dining. (He could pick anywhere to eat!)
  • Coco friend, Erica, who told me all about Open House Chicago and encouraged us to go.
  • Balmy weather keeping winter at bay.
  • Allergy medicine that makes the itching go away and doesn’t leave me drowsy.
  • Readers who tell me how much they enjoyed reading A Ship of Pearl.

hybrid fall colors