Party Platform Installment #6: The Environment

If you missed my preamble, no, not those platforms.

Platform shoes.
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This is my last installment on the Party Platforms.  I got through all but one section of  Democratic Protect Voting Rights, Fix Our Campaign Finance System, and Restore Our Democracy) of the Democratic Party Platform; and all but two for Republican’s Government Reform and America’s Resurgent.


Just so I can keep everything straight, I put the information into a simple chart, like I would for corporate goals.  This is also the way CoCo’s Individual Education Plans got laid out, too.  Pretty easy to understand; I think:  We will______________ by_____________ so that______________ happens.  I added a column for how the action will be financed, too.  Sadly that’s pretty empty.

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Should we encourage the uniformed vote?

This week, I assess how each party approaches Global Warming and the Environment.

You can see huge differences in what each Party approaches governing.

This is so important in electing our Representatives and our Senators.  Perhaps more important than which Presidential candidate we vote for.  Think about it for a moment.  A President has a difficult time implementing anything without the support of the Legislative Branch.

Democratic Platform: Combat Climate Change, Build a lean Energy Economy, and Secure Environmental Justice:

We will By So that
Build a clean energy economy. Getting 50% of our electricity from clean energy sources within a decade;

Cutting energy waste in homes schools, hospitals, and offices through energy efficient improvements;

Modernize our electric grids;

Make American manufacturing the cleanest and most efficient in the world;

We create millions of jobs and save families and businesses money on their monthly energy bills.
Build a clean energy economy. Reducing oil consumption through cleaner fuels, vehicle electrification;

Making investments in public transportation, build bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure;

We transform our transportation systems.
Build a clean energy economy. Defending, implementing and extending smart pollution and efficiency standards including the Clean Power Plan;

Expanding clean energy research and development

Carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gases are priced to reflect their negative externalities and to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy.
Build a clean energy economy. Partnering with local and state governments and rural communities; We become leaders toward achieving 100% clean electricity for the federal government. .
Build a clean energy economy. Closing the Halliburton loophole that stripped the EPA of its ability to regulate fracking;

Ensuring safeguards are in place to protect local water supplies;

We defend our planet and create thousands of jobs
Build a clean energy economy. Expanding access to cost-saving renewable energy;


We reduce methane by 40-45% of 005 levels by 2025.  



Accelerate federal permitting process Streamlining the federal permitting process Low-cost renewable energy comes to market quicker.
Reduce carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gas emissions. Rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline; We support an approach that ensures decisions contribute to solving climate change.
Secure environmental and climate justice. Hiring and training workers from affected communities to clean up toxic brownfields and expand clean energy, energy efficiency, and resilient infrastructure. We eradicate lead poisoning, which disproportionately impacts low-income children
Secure environmental justice. Fighting to assure coal mining communities get benefits;

Making new investments in energy-producing communities;

Opposing dangerous extraction practices;

No community is left out or behind.
Secure environmental justice. Asking DOJ to investigate corporate fraud; Shareholders can analyze and disclose the risks they face, including climate risk.
Protect public lands and waters. Establishing an American Parks Trust Fund “American’s Best Idea” natural spaces can be accessed and enjoyed by all;
Protect public lands and waters. Doubling the size of our outdoor economy; We create nearly hundreds of billions of dollars in new economic activity and millions of new jobs.
Protect public lands and waters. Opposing drilling in the Arctic and off the Atlantic;

Reforming fossil fuel leasing on public lands;

Phasing down extraction of fossil fuels from public lands;

Expanding the amount of renewable energy production on federal lands and waters;

We create jobs
Protect public lands and waters. Opposing efforts to undermine the effectiveness of the Endangered Species Act; Endangered species are protected.
Protect public lands and waters. Supporting EPA efforts to establish science-based restriction on discharges of dredged or fill material associated with Pebble mine; The Bristol Bay drainages of Alaska’s salmon fisheries are protected.
Protect public lands and waters. Enlisting farmers as partners in promoting conservation and stewardship; We protect nearly half our the country’s land area.
Be a Global Climate Leader  

Convening a global summit of the world’s best engineers, climate scientists, policy experts, activists, and indigenous communities to chart a course

We solve this global threat on a scale not seen since WWII.
Be a Global Climate Leader. Collaborating on science-based approaches We avoid putting the Arctic Ocean and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge at risk, while we protect our strategic interests.




Republican Platform: America’s Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment

 We will By So that
Maintain an abundant and inexpensive source of food from our farms. Insisting that our global trading partners adhere to science-based standards regarding food and health regulation; We expand trade opportunities and opening new markets for agriculture
Maintain an abundant and inexpensive source of food from our farms. Restructuring our regulatory process;

We halt mandatory labels for genetically modified food;

We end mandates for menu labels;

We enhance dairy farmers efforts to double capacity;

We bloc rules on poultry and livestock marketing.


Food prices do not get too expensive, particularly for low-income people.
Return control of waterways to farmers and ranchers. Invalidating EPAs Waters of the United States rule Unelected bureaucrats do not have control of state waters, watersheds, groundwater.
Respect modern farmers’ and ranchers’ techniques to protect the land. Allowing ranching on public lands; providing abundant water supply for America’s farmers, ranchers, and their communities. We keep food prices low.
Expand agricultural exports around the world. ??? We provide farm security.
Create certainty about natural weather and market risks. Passing the next Farm Bill ???
Protect farmers and ranchers from “Big Data” collection by regulations and programs. Advancing policies protecting data. We protect the privacy of ranchers and farmers.
Promote active sustainable management of our forests Allowing states to manage our forests; Improve the health of our forests, reduce forest fires, and save animal lives.
Plan for our energy future. Giving authority to state regulators to manage energy resources on federally controlled public lands within their respective borders;

Open public lands and the outer continental shelf to exploration and responsible production of oil;

We add jobs.
End Obama’s war on coal. Eliminating EPA’s Clean Power Plan We give America’s poor warmer winter, cooler summers, more job mobility, and cheaper food.
Expedite mining for minerals on public lands; Allowing states to regulate mining on public land. End our reliance on minerals from China and other nations.
Urge the private sector to focus resources on carbon capture and sequestration technology. Opposing any carbon tax. We keep energy prices down.
Expand trade opportunities and new markets for American energy. Increasing domestic production, including on public land; We reduce our vulnerability to energy price volatility;

We increase jobs.

Acknowledge that year by year, the environment is improving. Shifting responsibility for environmental regulations to the states;

Transforming the EPS into an independent bipartisan commission

We create jobs and expand opportunities for a better life for everyone willing to work for it.
Enforce the original intent of the Clean Water Act Forbidding the EPA to regulate carbon dioxide;

Modernize the permitting process;

We stop frivolous lawsuits;

Create jobs get projects approved, and support growth.

Transfer federally owned land to the states. Immediately passing legislation that provides a timely and orderly mechanism The lands are protected by those who know best how to do so.
Balance protecting species with the costs of compliance and the rights of property owners. Protecting species transparently, with stakeholders input and in consideration of the impact on the development of lands and natural resources; We don’t upset the economic viability of an area with an unneeded designation, costing jobs and hurting local communities.
Stop politicizing climate change. Rejecting the agenda of the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement;

Halting the U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change

We give incentives for human ingenuity and the development of new technologies;

We allow the government to supply guns to Palestine and any government that grants Palestian membership status.


I must admit, [tweetthis]this last analysis, piled on top of the debates, twitter onslaughts, and news alerts, really got me oscillating between anger and sadness.[/tweetthis]

I have one more installment coming.  It’s short, but hopefully fun.  I can use a little fun.