Gratitude Monday: Mud, Memory, and Mosquitoes

I know I said it before:  I love Monday’s.  So filled with possibilities.  After an unplugged weekend, I’m ready to get plugged in again.  What better way than to start with a little gratitude.

♥  Children who prioritize good manners.  I love the way my children are teaching their children to respect others in their words, deeds, and their non-verbal cues.

♥  New babies.  My nephew and his wife are taking their little bundle Isaac home today. Born early and with some signs of stress, he is now healthy, though very tiny. He’s a reminder of how some things we take for granted are really so tenuous and precious. Welcome to the world, Isaac.

🙂 My free-lance job as a photo-journalist.  Without this job, I probably never would have experienced the fun of the Udder Mudder.

mud volleyball - 1

♥  Long shadows. I know the long shadows in the afternoon signal the end of summer.  I do love summer.  Still, there’s something peaceful about the sun moving lower in the sky.

🙂 Pickup kickball games on a still-warm evening.  Yes, unorganized sports still happen.  I love watching the high school boys (baseball players) fumble the ball, barely miss tagging a runner out, just so a little guy can feel the victory of running the bases.

♥   Enjoying coffee with NPR’s Krista Tippett, “On Being” Sunday mornings. This week, she covered whale and elephant songs.  I observed a mother elephant teaching her baby how to scare off a bird. The compassion and expressions of Tippet’s elephant stories really astounded me.

🙂 Old photos.  Who can resist the memories attached?

🙁 Mosquito spray. I really didn’t want to spray the lawn.  I’m really glad I did. I have nothing against mosquitos.  I just don’t like anything biting me.kickball - 1

😉 Paper clips.  Whoever invented these tiny tools was genius.

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