Gratitude Monday: Potpourri

Last week I got a little fatigued, a little overwhelmed, and little teary-eyed, and quite a bit forgetful.  Probably the first two, led to the second two, which propelled me to self-chastisement.  I should nap, but often when I do, I have a hard time getting to sleep at night.  I should go to bed earlier; I should be more organized; I should keep a list; I should be more thoughtful; I should have a better sense of time…. [tweetthis]Sometimes, I should all over myself.[/tweetthis]  Do you ever do that?

So first on my gratitude list is:

♥  I can give myself permission.  Sometimes things don’t go as I wish and it’s my fault.  It’s okay. Today is another day. Thank you very much.

♥  An active mind and a full plate. I love doing and being and thinking. Sometimes stuff falls off my plate.  Yeah.  So, next time, not so full, so fast.

♥  Helpful friends.  Geri is so enthusiastic about my book.  She lifts me up and helps me forge ahead.  Thank you Geri. So glad I overbooked my Saturday, so I ended up running into you Sunday.  If it hadn’t been for that mistake, I would have missed you.  Lucky me.

♥  hummingbirds: Flitting around my flowers, busy, busy, busy. Still, stopping to sip the nectar of Life.  Good lesson, feathered friend.

♥  Blue-tooth technology. Thanks to my hands-off Jawbone, I got in a nice visit with my sister, Vickie, on an hour-long drive.

♥  Bridal showers. Naive love’s anticipation, ready to face the world together with a trunk full of kitchen ware and tp bridal gown - 1bathroom furnishings.  Remembering that excitement fills me with joy.  (That’s my team’s winning bridal-dress-made-out-of-toilet paper.)

♥  Public transportation. Oh I love Metra.  No traffic.  Always on time. Always predictable.

♥  Kinky Boots and Frontera Grill with Love-One . Good food. Good music. Wonderful company.  Who could ask for more.

♥  A flute partner. Oh Kris, you push me beyond what I thought I could do.  You are so good for me.

♥  Fresh basil. The smell of basil in the garden seems to open my heart and my ears to everything around me.  Have you ever responded to a smell or taste like that?

♥ Chicago Writes Conference.  I’m going this Thursday through Saturday.  Another chapter of my book get critiqued.  The conference is chock full of great workshops.  I hope I can take Metra.

♥  A chance to sleep in. I’m filled with energy today.  Ready to go again.  Much more organized and on top of things. Much happier.

♥  Bridal showers. Naive love’s anticipation, ready to face the world together with a trunk full of kitchen ware and bathroom furnishings.  Remembering that excitement fills me with joy.

♥  Chip at the top of my arbor. “Hey, Dale, where are you?”  I saw this rascal from my dining room window yesterday morning. Silliness is the funnest thing on earth.  Dontcha think?

chip n dale - 1

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